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Tow bar wiring

How to choose the right one:

The aim of this article is select the right tow bar wiring. If you browse through the internet or if you go to some local stores out there, you will notice that there are so many options of tow bar wiring out.

It is left for you to choose the one that is suitable to your needs as well as the right electric socket you really need.

When we talk about the wiring options, we are merely talking about both the more expensive dedicated and low cost universal wiring- we hope that by the time we are done with this short article, you can have an idea of tow bar wiring and why it is really good for you today.

Let us now look at some of the steps you should take in choosing the right tow bar wiring:

  • Find out the tow bar you need- this depends on what you will be towing- will you b e towing a trailer or just a caravan? So, you should know the main reason why you want to use the tow bar.
  • Make a good decision on your tow bar- it is now left for you to make an informed decision as to the type of wiring option you really need.

towbar wirings

Types of tow bar wiring 


Universal electrics 

Universal electricians insist that you should cut the car electrics. If you are not an expert on this, you can easily contact your tow bar fitter for the work, because doing it yourself can potentially put your car off.

Single electrics

Another name for this is 12N electrics- they are exclusively used with cycle carriers or for towing trailers. Some newer cars may need this- because it protects their vehicles from getting damaged.

What you should know about tow bar wiring 

This guide is to help you to effectively choose the right wiring system for your car. Car wiring had been much more complicated in recent times, because it has changed over time. Previously, it is very easy to hire a tow bar socket- all you need to do is to mount the socket on your tow bar and then connect them to the power socket you want. If you need further details about connecting a wiring socket, you can read the instructional manual of any of the tow bar wiring at your disposal- surely, you will get some hints. The guide will also tell you the right socket or plug that is best suited to your needs.


There are so many wiring systems right now, so, it is up to you to choose the right one. Any one you intend to choose must be the right solution to the sophisticated wiring solution- whether you have a medieval or modern vehicle. Some modern vehicles and vans have their own dedicated wiring options.

So, tow bar wirings are designed to perfectly suit a particularly suit all kinds of car. Two bar wiring systems are simple, easy to use and highly convenient. Most vehicles don’t have plugs- so these dedicated tow bar wiring systems are very necessary and are designed to help you achieve an optimal result. Don’t forget Westfalia stock a full range of equipment for your needs.

Few Financial Planning Tips to Help You Secure your Future

There comes a time in your life when you might think of making an investment which could secure your future. There are a great many people who face the dilemma of having to spend a great deal for their kids’ tuition as well as think up of saving some cash before they retire.

If you too are facing a dilemma like the one mentioned above, its time you start thinking of making an appointment with a financial advisor. They can give you advice on how to save money and make the most of it in terms of profit.

financial planning perth

Below are a few financial planning tips which could help you make your money grow.

Set Aside an Emergency Fund

This is really important advice. Setting aside a fixed amount every month for an emergency fund could help you get through difficult times. Though all may be good and sundry now, you can’t ever predict what your financial situation could be like a few years from now. Having set aside an emergency fund could come in handy any time. There is no fixed amount of how much should you be saving, what actually matters is the fact that you should be prepared in case you might lose your job or go through an unknown financial calamity.

Eliminate Your Current Debts

Maybe you took a loan for an education or for a new car. The best thing to do is to pay off the debt as soon as you can. Debts have a tendency of building up.  Having a great many debts can make your financial situation worse than ever. The best thing to do in a case like this is to pay off all the debts with your current income. Once you have a clean slate you can start thinking of actually saving up for your future.

Make a Retirement Plan

For those who are in their late thirties or forties, retirement could seem to be a bit too far-fetched to think of. However the smart and savvy know the importance of saving up for their retirement. This means that you should be making the maximum contribution to your individual retirement account.

Get to know Your Budgeting 

Every person who wants to make their future secure should start budgeting from an early age. Those who know the importance of budgeting are aware of how and when they need to spend money. Being within your budget could help you make bigger savings.

Make Smart Investments

Apart from the fact that you have already set aside a retirement and savings fund if you could still make a few investments that would be a great start. Hire the services of a professional certified financial planner. They will provide you with sound advice on how you could make investments which promise good returns.

Capitalize on Your Employment Benefits

Few employment benefit plans like 401K plan or dental or medical insurances could help you save a great deal of money. Take advantage of these benefits to help you make bigger savings.

Keeping Records

Those who keep a record of their taxes know the importance of claiming income tax deduction and credits. Keep all your paperwork in one place so that during tax time you know which items can help you save money.

Keeping all the above mentioned financial tips in mind could help you save up a great deal and make your future secure. Don’t forget to contact a financial advisor in Perth to run you through every option that is available to you. If you are looking at further options such as GESB superannuation, then make sure you are speaking to them about this also.

The Advantages of Hiring a Mobile Hairdresser

mobile hairdressing

Sometimes getting an appointment at a saloon seems too much of a hassle. Either you are too busy or too lazy to leave home and get yourself pampered. A mobile hairdresser is actually great for people who believe in getting pampered and looking their very best but within the confines of their homes. Read on to see a few benefits of hiring a mobile hair dresser in Sydney.

Hiring a mobile hairdresser can be a lifesaver at weddings

A wedding in the family can mean a busy and hectic schedule for people involved in the planning. This could include the bride, her mom, her sisters and friends. Now imagine all of these people waiting to be driven to the beauty parlor for their blow dry and makeup. The most difficult job is to get all these people transported on time. Even if they do have someone to take them the parlor may not have enough space to accommodate everyone.

The first and foremost for all such events, is the bride herself. To see that she gets the individual attention and detailing which is necessary it’s often a good idea to hire the services of a mobile hair dresser in Sydney. Not only larger groups get the necessary discount but you could easily avail the services in the privacy of your homes.

Mobile hairdressers for the aged

Just because people live in an old people’s home doesn’t mean they don’t require grooming services. However some of the elderly have disabilities which prevent them from leaving home. In such a case a mobile hairdresser in Sydney can attend to their coiffure and grooming needs. All you have got to do is book an appointment and rest assured that your folks are being given the right treatment. Most mobile hairdressers are considerate for the needs of the elderly as well. They can handle their moods and temperament with care and affection.

Busy moms can avail the services of a mobile hairdresser as well

Got an event coming up? Do you need to get yourself looking all classy but find yourself pressed for time? Leaving the kids and going to a beauty salon is a luxury which not all busy moms can afford. The best option is to hire a mobile hairdresser for that much needed blow dry, plus you don’t even have to worry about what the kids are up to. You can enjoy your services without having to worry a great deal and keep an eye on the children as well. Plus mobile hair dressers are willing to go that extra mile to make sure you look your very best. They are patient and understanding, what more could you ask for?

Things to keep in mind when hiring a mobile hairdresser


  • Make sure you are hiring a professional with good credentials and recommendations.
  • Whether they have the right certified license to carry out these services
  • They belong to a well known and efficient setup and provide great services too.

Stop hunting, are you looking for a mobile hairdresser in Sydney? Make sure you contact Hair on the Move 2 U!