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Choosing The Right Gear Motor

Blue Geared Motor

Finding or designing the correct gear motor for your project or job can seem like a daunting task but it really is not as hard as it seems. Gear motors are highly customizable and relatively simple to use and work with so you may end up pleasantly surprised and attempt to put gear motors in everything you design. For some great, practical tips on how to choose the right geared motor for you and how to work with it, look no further because you have found it here.

Where To Start

The first thing you want to do when selecting a gear motor is to figure out your needs. Find out what the motor needs to accomplish. Make a list of everything you need it to do and then prioritize those items. The best way to prioritize the needed factors is to organize them based on what is the most important factor for making the system function well down to items that are more of a preference but not necessary.

An example of this would be to put the need to lift extremely heavy objects at the top of your list and the need to be a certain size near the middle of your list and then at the bottom of the priority list would be your preference in noise or heat.


The following qualifications are a good way to start ranking the needs of your gear motor as mentioned above. Use these factors to decide what exactly your project needs. If you or the manufacturer do not know exactly what you need, it is impossible to find or design the correct gear motor.

  • Source Of Power – This is a pretty important qualifier because it determines what type of power you are able to use to move this device. You will want to know the max current in amps, frequency in Hz, voltage and possibly even the control type. All of these are factors in what kind of motor you can use.
  • Environment Of System – Knowing what kind of environment the motor should work in is important because it will change based on the temperature and possibly even the humidity. For some, this will be more in the preference range and for others it will be a necessity especially working in delicate locations or harsh climates.
  • System Specifications – This is where size comes in. Usually, there will be a very strong preference for size and weight of the gear motor based on what it is being used for. This is also where you figure out how much noise it can produce (or is able to be put up with in some cases) as well as how long it lasts and how often it needs to be inspected and/or maintained.
  • Performance Of System – Torque is one of the biggest and most important factors of a gear motor. What needs to be known is the preference for starting and stopping torque ability as well as general speed allowance/generation. The performance also includes how long the motor is expected to be working and for what length of periods.
  • Other System Preferences – Other important factors that go into this process include what type of lubrication is used, how it is installed or mounted, how big its container needs to be, etc.

Selecting A Gearbox & Motor

There are two main ways to go about the final step of selection. The first way is to find a geared motor like these that suits the needs of your device and the second way is to design your own by choosing separate gearbox and motor and then putting them together yourself (or having them assembled for you).

13 Speaking and Presentation Skills Every Public Speaker should have

Public speaking in front of crowd

I have listened to the speeches of many top public speakers in the world. This has motivated me to compile a list of 20 speaking and presentation skills every speaker must have. This article is for would-be speakers, and those who are already engrossed in the world of public speaking.

Every public speaker is expected to:

Research a topic- nobody speaks from nowhere. One of the qualities of great public speakers is the ability to research their subjects very well.

Focus- your listeners should be focused on what you are saying. So, fine-tune your speech with anecdotes, quotes, humour, stories, and other side-attractions.

Your speech should be logical– as a speaker, you must present a well-organized presentation. It should be filled with wonderful ideas, ideas rule the world.

Use facts, statistics and quotations appropriately– don’t just use them for the sake of using them, instead they must be relevant to your arguments. Your speech must be a reference point. These things can be effectively used to complement your ideas.

Begin or round up with a story– most great speakers always begin or end their speech with an appropriate story that will speak to the minds and hearts of the audience. Everybody loves listening to a story. So, make your speech unique with the type of story you tell.

Make your first and last word to be strong- yes, they should be strong so that even if your audience did not remember anything, they will remember your first and last speech.

Public Speak Courses in MelbourneKnow when to use humour- know the right time to apply humour in your speech, and use it effectively. Humour will have a great effect if you incorporate it at the right time.

Dot your words with gestures- in the middle of the speech; try to punctuate your words with useful gestures. For example, if you tell them that the man is big, describe with your arms how big he was.

Use 3-dimensional space– do not chain yourself to the lectern always. Doing so will limit your passion and energy. Try as much as possible to lose the notes as well as the chain.

Analyze your audience- you need to know the type of audience you will be talking to, and tell them the message they want to hear. For example, if your audience are business students, then what you are talking to them should be related to business. If you are interested to learn more about this, check out some presentation courses. Don’t go and start discussing religion with them. Doing so will kill their interests.

Interact with your audience- at intervals, try and ask questions, and expect their answers. This helps to reinvigorate the zeal and interest in your speech. Your speech should be a dialogue. The question and answer session proves that you are indeed productive and that you are gifted in engaging the audience productively.

Customize your presentation to fit the time- one of the marks of a great public speaker is the ability to obey time constraints. If you are looking for quality public speaking training, be sure to have a look around to see what is near you. However in the meantime, have a practice yourself. If you will be speaking for 1-hour, try to customize your speech to fit the given time. Please respect your listeners by not encroaching into their time.

Show confidence and poise- most speakers lack these two essential qualities. If you lack them, your audience might be gifted to sense that. Your presentation must be motivational and highly inspiring.

Hotels Vs Resorts: Your Best Options for Accommodation in Western Australia

When deciding to take a holiday to Perth, you might ask yourself whether a Hotel or a Resort is the right option for your accommodation. There are many similarities and differences between the two.

Accommodation in Perth


A hotel basically provides you with a bed and bathroom, and in some instances basic amenities such as a restaurant and small shop. When seeking out holiday accommodation in Perth ensure your hotel is close to activities that interest you and your family.

If you are going to head off site to take advantage of local activities and sightseeing then a hotel is probably the best way to go.

Hotels are generally located closer to popular destinations and points of interest such as local attractions, airports, and in major cities. They are also generally several stories high with multiple rooms per level, opening into a hallway for each floor.

You will also find that Hotels are much more common and frequent more areas than Resorts. There are Hotels in almost every city on earth, so wherever you want to stay, rest assured you will have some Hotel options to choose from.

Hotel pricing can vary, from the extremely cheap, such as a backpackers hostel where a bed to sleep in is all you need, to the expensive 5 star hotel for a luxury sleep and breakfast served to you in bed.


Resorts in PerthThe main difference is that resorts are usually set on a larger expanse of land, meaning they are not just a bed and bathroom, there is a vast amount of space for other activities such as Luxury Day Spa’s, Bicycle Tracks, Golfing Ranges, Fishing, Lakes, Swimming Pools, Conference and Meeting rooms, Restaurants, the list goes on.

Whether you’re a nature type, on a conference, after a romantic getaway, or just wanting a relaxing weekend away, resorts are a nice retreat where you can stay on the grounds and still experience a full vacation with all the perks.

Resorts are generally one to three levels high, and can be either small individual rooms, each opening directly to the surrounding attraction area, or built up similar to a hotel with multiple rooms opening onto a floor, although generally each room has a balcony with a view.

If you’re lucky enough to live locally to a resort you can also visit just to use the amenities for the day (at a cost of course).

There are many different types of resorts, depending on the area you’re visiting.

Beach Resorts like this site are usually located on the shore and will offer private beaches, boat or jet ski hire, fishing, scuba diving and other types of water sports.

Island Resorts are located on an island and similarly will offer water sports, snorkelling, cruises and beautiful beach fronts.

Mountain and Ski Resorts are located on or near a mountain, offering skiing, snowboarding, sightseeing and beautiful views.

There are also Winery Resorts, located around Sorrento, offering wine tasting and tours, plus incredible restaurants incorporating the local wine into their menus. Click here for some of the best accommodation in Sorrento that you will find.

In terms of pricing, resorts start at mid price and go up, and they can justify this because they offer everything for the perfect holiday, all in one place.

In conclusion, choose what suits you. But no matter where you are, don’t forget to visit the local sights at least once, after all why travel if you’re not going to enjoy the culture of where you’re travelling to!