Hotels Vs Resorts: Your Best Options for Accommodation in Western Australia

When deciding to take a holiday to Perth, you might ask yourself whether a Hotel or a Resort is the right option for your accommodation. There are many similarities and differences between the two.

Accommodation in Perth


A hotel basically provides you with a bed and bathroom, and in some instances basic amenities such as a restaurant and small shop. When seeking out holiday accommodation in Perth ensure your hotel is close to activities that interest you and your family.

If you are going to head off site to take advantage of local activities and sightseeing then a hotel is probably the best way to go.

Hotels are generally located closer to popular destinations and points of interest such as local attractions, airports, and in major cities. They are also generally several stories high with multiple rooms per level, opening into a hallway for each floor.

You will also find that Hotels are much more common and frequent more areas than Resorts. There are Hotels in almost every city on earth, so wherever you want to stay, rest assured you will have some Hotel options to choose from.

Hotel pricing can vary, from the extremely cheap, such as a backpackers hostel where a bed to sleep in is all you need, to the expensive 5 star hotel for a luxury sleep and breakfast served to you in bed.


Resorts in PerthThe main difference is that resorts are usually set on a larger expanse of land, meaning they are not just a bed and bathroom, there is a vast amount of space for other activities such as Luxury Day Spa’s, Bicycle Tracks, Golfing Ranges, Fishing, Lakes, Swimming Pools, Conference and Meeting rooms, Restaurants, the list goes on.

Whether you’re a nature type, on a conference, after a romantic getaway, or just wanting a relaxing weekend away, resorts are a nice retreat where you can stay on the grounds and still experience a full vacation with all the perks.

Resorts are generally one to three levels high, and can be either small individual rooms, each opening directly to the surrounding attraction area, or built up similar to a hotel with multiple rooms opening onto a floor, although generally each room has a balcony with a view.

If you’re lucky enough to live locally to a resort you can also visit just to use the amenities for the day (at a cost of course).

There are many different types of resorts, depending on the area you’re visiting.

Beach Resorts like this site are usually located on the shore and will offer private beaches, boat or jet ski hire, fishing, scuba diving and other types of water sports.

Island Resorts are located on an island and similarly will offer water sports, snorkelling, cruises and beautiful beach fronts.

Mountain and Ski Resorts are located on or near a mountain, offering skiing, snowboarding, sightseeing and beautiful views.

There are also Winery Resorts, located around Sorrento, offering wine tasting and tours, plus incredible restaurants incorporating the local wine into their menus. Click here for some of the best accommodation in Sorrento that you will find.

In terms of pricing, resorts start at mid price and go up, and they can justify this because they offer everything for the perfect holiday, all in one place.

In conclusion, choose what suits you. But no matter where you are, don’t forget to visit the local sights at least once, after all why travel if you’re not going to enjoy the culture of where you’re travelling to!