Synthetic Grass – All That You Wanted to Know

Synthetic grass in detail

Synthetic grass is known as artificial turf as well. It is made up of synthetic fibers which tend to give it a natural appearance. Initially it was used for grounds where sports were played but these days a great many homeowners are using it as well.

A Brief History

Artificial grass began to be noticed during the 1960’s when the Astrodome in Texas was built. The land was covered with artificial turf which has an uncanny ability to look like natural grass. Before that synthetic grass was used in a play area in a school in Rhode Island. This is exactly where it came to be noticed and was soon being used in places across the country.

Health Concerns

Though artificial grass may have its own benefits like little or no maintenance there are certain things which have come to light with its regular use.

  • It can cause friction to the skin, much more so than normal grass does. Since it contains synthetic fibers they aren’t as gentle on the skin.
  • These synthetic fibers when exposed to a great deal of sun can become more heated. This can result in injury in the form of burns and abrasions.
  • It may contain high amounts of bacteria if not disinfected from time to time.
  • Research has proved that the rate of injury in sportsmen is higher when they play on artificial turf. It also had higher cases of turf toe when compared to playing on natural grass.
  • There have been a few cancer concerns as well. The use of silicon as an infill in some synthetic fibers has given rise to incidences of cancer.

Despite these health concerns synthetic grass has become quite popular with homeowners. The following are a few benefits

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass

  1. Synthetic grass is very low maintenance. Once it’s installed in your lawn you can simply sit back and relax. It doesn’t need to be watered or taken care of.
  2. No maintenance means not having to spend on a land mower. If you aren’t a keen gardener then synthetic grass is your best bet.
  3. It doesn’t require any chemical synthesizers therefore you are doing your bit for the environment as well.
  4. Synthetic grass is pretty much durable and can last for a long time so you don’t have to worry about it a great deal.
  5. Did you know that these synthetic turf products are some of the most popular?
  6. Easy drying too. When it rains a great deal, it might take the longest time for natural grass to dry. In case of synthetic grass you can rest assured that it dries as quickly as possible.
  7. Another great benefit is that if you have little children they might want to play in the lawn. Often children aren’t allowed to play because it might damage the grass in the lawn. With synthetic fiber you don’t have to worry about it getting spoiled.
  8. Since its synthetic it doesn’t grow therefore there isn’t any need to mow the lawn. It keeps its perfect manicured look throughout the year.

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