Tattoos and their Traditional Meanings

Female Tattoo IdeasThere are different types of tattoos out there. Have you been thinking about their meanings? Well, you don’t need to search further.

Below is a useful guide that will teach you some traditional or modern meanings of these tattoos.

This article is for you, if you are the type of person that usually gets confused whenever you see someone with tattoo inscription. I believe after going through this article, you will get some useful hints.


Putting a lion-like tattoo in your body is a sign of protection, courage and strength. Wrestlers and hunters used to inscribe it on their skin; it is a way of describing their hunting skills, and commanding behaviour.

In Egypt, inscribing a lioness in your tattoo symbolizes an aggressive protection and attributes.

In Chinese culture, lions are seen in most imperial places as a source of strength, protection and courage. Putting both lion and lioness in your body almost mean the same thing.


Tigers symbolize royalty, fearlessness, strength, aggression and power. In Buddhism, tiger represents anger, or bravery. Tiger is the national animal in the following countries:

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Malaysia
  • Nigeria, and
  • South Korea

When someone ink tiger in his or her body, it shows the person has an attribute of anger, power, strength, royalty, aggression, power or fearless.


Inkling a butterfly-like tattoo in your skin signifies rebirth, change, beauty, love, souls, and metamorphosis. Butterflies mean a perfect representation of a person’s soul in Japanese tradition.

In Chinese tradition, when two butterflies fly around, it symbolizes a sign of love. In Greek mythological thinking, butterfly in a loosed sense means a soul.


When eagle is inscribed in someone’s body, it represents power and nationalism. Many people in Eastern European countries are fond of inkling tattoos in their bodies. Also eagle feather is a source of power too.


Inkling a symbol of ‘wolf’ in your body signifies destruction, greed, loyalty and dog. Generally, wolves protect crops from deer and boars. It is a mystical animal.

Humans who inscribe this sign to their body are seen as mystical. In Roman history, a wolf saved two great founders of Rome- Romulus and Romus, when they were abandoned during their infant stage.


Inkling monkey in your skin represent mischievousness, craftiness, child-like characteristics and lively. In Buddhism, inscribing monkey in your body symbolizes ugliness, fun, mischief and trickery.

Thus, the best way to tell people around you that you are fun, lively, crafty, and have child-like features is to inscribe a monkey-like tattoo to your skin. This can be done in a tattoo studio near you.


This is one of the popular animals in the Chinese Zodiac. A dragon-like tattoo symbolizes huge water snake, in European tradition; a dragon implies a cave dwelling serpent, a creature with bizarre mystical powers or a fearless creature.

In Asian tradition, inscribing tattoo in your body is seen as a sign of longevity and wisdom.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, when one inscribe it into his or her body, the person is seen as being extraordinarily gifted with wisdom of the gods or being intelligent.

Dragon-like tattoo is a sign of wickedness. So, in most cases, the person who has such sign is seen as a wicked fellow.

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