Things to Know Double Glazed Windows

Homeowners who are interested in double glazed windows often wonder what this double glazing actually is. There are two panels of insulated glass units, and the panels are separated by a space of 6-18mm filled with argon or any other insulating gas.

Double glazed windows have more insulating power, thanks to two panels and the hollow space. In the summer, it reduces unwanted solar gain. In the winter, it reduces heat loss. However, the glass selection must be appropriate.

If you have double glazed windows, your home will require less energy, and it will lead to lower energy bills. These windows also provide insulation against noise, and that is another great reason of the rising popularity of these windows. If you live in an urban area, you will no longer have to deal with unbearable noise.

Energy prices have risen in recent years, and people are more concerned over sustainability. You can play a positive role in this regard if you simply update your windows.

Retrofit double glazing

Retrofitting involves replacing single glazed glass with double glazed IGUs. You do not need to replace the window structure; the process just replaces just one pane of glass. Double glazing has some distinct advantages, and retrofitting will give you those advantages.

If you are living in a noisy city, these windows will make your life a bit more comfortable by blocking some noise. You will no longer need to rely on air conditioning, because these windows will regulate interior temperatures. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. You just need a window conversion.

Your windows will not lose their original character, because the process does not require taking down your current windows. This is why owners of heritage buildings are using double glazed windows.

Stay away from secondary glazing

Most customers do not know the difference between double glazing and secondary glazing, and some companies are trying to deceive their customers. If you use secondary glazing, you will still get some benefits, but you will miss the real features of double glazing.

Secondary glazing lacks two important components. First, to increase the insulation, it uses no argon gas. And second, the glass is not high-performance glass. Secondary glazing involves installing an acrylic sheet, inside the existing window. Magnets are used to install the acrylic sheet. It will give you insulation benefits to some extent, and the windows will have good acoustic performance.

Making a decision

Whether you choose secondary glazing, retrofit double glazing or double glazing, you can improve your windows in some way. To make your windows more energy efficient, you can either retrofit or replace them. There will be some added benefits such as reduced noise.

In terms of sustainability and quality, all these three solutions will provide different benefits. Each of these solutions has its unique advantages. For example, if you choose retrofit double glazing, specialised glass can be installed, and your windows can be automated. That means you will enjoy more security and energy efficiency.

It is also important to consider the price tag. Double glazing can be a little more expensive. If you’re shopping around for double glazed windows in Melbourne then I would recommend taking a look at Winplex for a good idea of what you can get out of your double glazed doors or windows.

Double glazed windows have a host of advantages, but you should also know what makes this option different from the other two options. As a homeowner, you should always try to make an informed decision. You will have some peace of mind if you consult a professional before choosing double glazed windows for your windows.