What to Look for in a Conference Venue

One of the main considerations when planning an event is the venue. Where you chose to host your event in Auckland has a high impact on how smooth and successful it will be. There are a number of helpful tips that can help you find the right location for your next event. Be sure to leave enough time to secure a good venue because places often get booked fast and in advance.

Before You Look for Conference Venues 

Before you even start considering different venues, it’s important to have as many relevant details about the event you are hoping to host. Is it a formal or informal event? How many guests or attendees are expected? Will there be any special entertainment? These are just some of the important questions you need to ask so that you can pick a conference venue that works.

Looking at Different Meeting Rooms

Once you have a good idea of the nature and scale of the event you may also need private meeting rooms, before the exact location is established you should start looking at different meeting rooms around Auckland to see what is available in your area. You definitely don’t want to be rushing out somewhere far away to have a private meeting. It’s a good idea to compare a number of different locations so that you find the best one for your proposed budget. Some of the questions you can ask of each venue option are given below:

  • Will this venue be big enough for the size of the event? You don’t want to have a venue that is too small to accommodate the invited guests adequately. On the other hand, having an oversized is not recommended. The perfect sized venue makes for a more comfortable environment.
  • Is the location ideal? You should consider the distance from attendees and access to any facilities that are needed. It is also important to think about the surrounding area and presentation of the area. If you are holding a corporate event, for example, a quieter more professional environment would be most suitable. On the other hand, if you are holding a casual event or party, you would want to steer clear of very formal and stiff locations.
  • Is the layout appropriate? Look at the floor space and setup of the venue. Make sure that it can accommodate everything you need to pull off your event. This includes a stage or dance floor if needed, entertainment and multimedia, catering equipment, and special lighting.
  • What is available in terms of amenities and additional services? Some venues offer entertainment, décor, and catering as part of their packages while others can give you recommendations of companies that they regularly work with to provide these services.

Finalising the Function Venues 

Once you have compared your wish-list against what is available, you can make a decision and start finalising it. Make sure you understand the payment requirement clearly including when the deposit and balance are required. Double-check the date and time that you can come to the venue to start setting up. Keep all your documentation, be it invoices and contracts, in a safe place for easy reference. Looking for the ideal venue to hire can seem like a lot of work, but it’s much easier when you have professional venue hire services and when you know what  you’re looking for in a venue. Leaving enough time for this process can also get you access to some amazing options that usually fill up fast.